An Encased 1/2 Carat Diamond for a Proposal



Gold vermeil capsule containing a G colour VS 0.46 carat round princess cut diamond


Capsule is 9mm x10mm.

Diamond is 5mm in diameter.


A cylindrical capsule containing a half carat ethical diamond.  The concept is for this to be given as a proposal object in place of a traditional engagement ring .  Afterwards the recipient commissions their own bespoke ring from Jenny Sweetnam, who will form for her client a unique and deeply personal ring.


Jenny Sweetnam presents her new concept for a proposal in the spirit of choosing what you want for yourself. This object forms a basis for a bespoke engagement ring on one’s own terms.

Order Time

Please allow up to 5 weeks for your order to be despatched

Please get in touch for further information regarding the future commissioning process using the intended diamond.  Typically a bespoke design ring will take about 8 weeks to manufacture.  Beyond the cost of this product there will be an additional cost for the ring design and manufacture in a metal of ones choice.